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The Purpose of Russ Von Hoelscher’s
Independent Cryptocurrency Group…

Is To Help Our Members Identify
New Cryptocurrency Coins That Could
Grow As Big As Bitcoin, When They Are
Still Available For One Penny Or
Even Less.

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The Purpose of Russ von Hoelscher’s Independent Cryptocurrencies Group is to Help Our Members Identify New Cryptocurrency Coins That Could Grow as Big as Bitcoin, When They’re Still Available for 1 Penny or Even Less.

Now Accepting Pre-Launch Members!

For a Confidential, No Obligation
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Russ von Hoelscher’s Independent
Cryptocurrency Group

“A $100 investment (in Bitcoin) seven
years ago would be worth $28,341,266 today.”
– Fortune, 12/12/17

“These (new) virtual currencies are
threatening to one day surpass
(Bitcoin) completely.”
– Crypto Daily, 3/29/18

* Crypto values change constantly.
Check daily and historic values at
coinmarketcap.com. Crypto-investing
is always high risk.