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Get Paid To Read Tarot Cards By Phone A Home Based Business

Make $50 or more per hour Tarot card reading classes from home… Everyone has a psychic power…

You can also travel with this business!

Help people by guiding them in the right direction In life we were born to help one another…

Let’s help people to bring out the gift in them!

ABCumby Enterprize will do a name drawing every month. Someone will win a FREE $50
GAS CARD or Walmart Giftcard.

Must be 18 or older. Refer a friend to receive $5 off your phone class reading!

Phone class reading are $50/hour, money orders or cash only accepted.

Payable to:
ABCumby Enterprize
P.O. Box 214772
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321

Call (586)360-0383
By appointments only


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