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www.MarketCenterAds.Com is special
advertising for those who would like
to sell their legal products through
the US Mail.

You can add one of our market centers
to your company to boost your sales or
use us to create a lucrative work from
home business!

Our Market Center Ads will allow you
to advertise now! And pay later!
and pay only if you are satisfied!

Do you have access to items that can
easily be shipped or mailed?

Like… You own music recording,
art & crafts, jewelry, mail-order
programs, recipes, clothing, mailing
list, health & beauty products, books,
brochures, and introduction starter
kits & much much more!

And you can do this at a flat rate of
$25.00, Then our market centers will
advertise it and help you sell it!

Has your mail-man ever brought you
orders by the bag full? He will!

Give us a shot! You have nothing to
lose! With our Advertise now! And
pay later! And pay only if you are
satisfied guarantee!

Our Market Centers is a Add to…
Not a forget yours… And try ours.

Achieve Free Advertising! We are
offering advertising that will last
you a life time, Exposing your items
to millions worldwide!

For free details, visit us at

Or send 3 F/C stamps for ad form to:
Mr. Roberts, P.O. Box 19141
Cleveland, Ohio 44119 U.S.A.


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