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Special Advertising!! For those who would like to sell their stuff by mail-order!

We will allow you to advertise now! And pay later! And pay only if you are satisfied!

Do you have access to merchandise that can be legally shipped or mailed through the US
mail system?

And you can make this happen for a total of less than $50.

Then The Roberts Advertiser System will advertise it and help you sell it!

Has your mail man ever delivered money-orders to you by the bag full?

He will…

We are helping people to sell their own items!

My Roberts Advertiser is a add to… Not an forget yours… and try ours.

Advertising that will last a lifetime and circulates your ads in front of millions worldwide!

For free transparent details, Visit us @

or send $2 and 2 F/C stamps to:

Roberts Advertiser
P.O. Box 656
Delaware, Ohio 43015


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